Technological support for the automation of the sorting system in cutting machinery.


The aim of the project is to provide technological support for the design of the automation and optimisation system for the sorting process of parts produced by water or laser cutting on the industrial cutting machines manufactured by TCI Cutting.

A complete refactoring of all the optimisation algorithms will be carried out improving the computational times and feasibility of the problem. To this end, an in-depth analysis of the problem statement and all its possible solutions will be carried out, with special emphasis on maximising feasibility.

The milestones to be addressed in this phase by the CPOH-ai2-UPV are detailed below:                                    

  • Analysis and redesign of the cost function                                                        
  • Analysis and redesign of constraints                                                
  • Better algorithms for the search for feasible solutions (exploration)                   
  • Defining new requirements:                                      
    • Machine information                                              
    • Manufacturing information                                          
    • Need for operator interaction                                     
  • Performing offline calculations 
  • Time limits for calculating solutions                                                 
  • Definition and support in essential modifications to the prototype.
  • Prototype validation tests.