Metering System for Ports and FlexiPORT Technology license exploitation

OPEN KODE S.L. & EMMI Network S.L.

Energy metering system for marina mooring turrets

The CPOH-ai2 Group and the technology consultancy Okode worked together on the development of a system to control the water and energy consumption of mooring turrets in marinas.  The development is a joint software and hardware system that manages and monitors the water and energy supply of the turrets remotely. The system identifies the user of each mooring with an independent card remotely connected to the control centre. It is a system intended for ports with heavy traffic and many berths for large yachts and allows users to have their own card which, as it is managed by remote control, means that they do not have to change cards or collect them every time they need a berth. This joint development has been carried out for the company EMMI Network S.L.