Software para el control multivariable y optimización de procesos basado en inteligencia computacional.

OptiControl is software for multivariable control and optimisation based on novel computational intelligence methods. OptiControl calculates the best control actions that minimises the economic cost of process operations in real-time (and any other user-defined goal) while attempting to maintain both the manipulated and controlled variables within their respective ranges. For this purpose, the optimiser operates with predictions drawn from a model produced by OptiModel. Features that differentiate OptiControl from other products include the ability to independently define the number of instances of prediction for each variable, as well as the ability to indicate for each manipulated variable (operation) the number of future moves to be calculated.
OptiControl integrates seamlessly into control systems (such as SCADA, and DCS) is installed in a plant using the OPC open industry communications standard. In addition, OptiControl can be run in the background, and acquire information from an assigned server (SCADA, database, and so on).