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Hemos publicado un nuevo artículo en el área de análisis multi-criterio y toma de decisiones:

G. Reynoso-Meza, X. Blasco, J. Sanchis, J.M. Herrero. Comparison of design concepts in multi-criteria decision-making using level diagrams. Information Sciences, Volume 221, 1 February 2013, Pages 124–141.
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In this work, we address the evaluation of design concepts and the analysis of multiple Pareto fronts in multi-criteria decision-making using level diagrams. Such analysis is relevant when two (or more) design concepts with different design alternatives lie in the same objective space, but describe different Pareto fronts. Therefore, the problem can be stated as a Pareto front comparison between two (or more) design concepts that only differ in their relative complexity, implementation issues, or the theory applied to solve the problem at hand. Such analysis will help the decision maker obtain a better insight of a conceptual solution and be able to decide if the use of a complex concept is justified instead of a simple concept. The approach is validated in a set of multi-criteria decision making benchmark problems.

Keywords: Multi-criteria decision-making; Multi-objective optimization; Decision-making tool; M-dimensional Pareto front comparison; M-dimensional Pareto front visualization; S-Pareto frontType the text here