Model Based Predictive Control

La técnica de control avanzado más potente.

Predictive control, also known in the industry as multivariable control or advanced control, is a control strategy that has been accepted in the process industry in recent decades as the best option for controlling processes with multiple inputs and outputs while satisfying operational constraints. Linear predictive control strategies are included in various commercial products that have been successfully marketed in recent years. The challenges for the future involve designing applicable nonlinear control algorithms that are easily implemented, and use nonlinear models for optimal operation throughout their operating ranges.

Outside the traditional processing industries (chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, etc.), the challenge is to implement these control techniques in other much faster dynamic processes (such as robotics, avionics, space) where the speed of control is critical.
The CPOH group is investigating these techniques and developing improved predictive control and new control algorithms for:

  • Improved calculation times for predictive control algorithms
  • New optimisation methods applied to predictive control
  • New techniques of predictive control oriented to modelling