Sistema Distribuido para monitorización de procesos no críticos
In any production process or facility are SCADA systems (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) that allow you to monitor and oversee these processes reliably and safely. The robustness of these systems often leads to high costs of purchase and implementation. In non-critical processes, whether auxiliary systems of industrial plants, buildings, etc. there is also a need to monitor the status of these processes and to generate knowledge, but in most cases economic investment and long-term amortization is a determining factor in deciding whether it is appropriate to install one of these systems factor.
Distributed monitoring and supervision LC-DAQ, system presents a low cost solution for the acquisition and storage of data in non-critical processes. Allows monitoring and acquisition of the different signals connected to the nodes of the system through a user interface based on web. Its main features are:
– Easy configuration via web: the user does not have to schedule.
– Easy maintenance via web: same interface to all devices.
– Remote access (via web) data stored (exported in cvs format).
– Display Settings monitoring signals through web with different indicators / selectable graphics displays (clocks, numeric and graphic trend indicators).
– Possibility of wireless communication: using WiFi technology.
– Ability to perform back-ups automated and centralized.
– Possibility of integration with corporate databases and storage.
– Ability to auto-configuration and automatic firmware update.
– Ability to incorporate third-party data through virtual nodes (subsystems)
The distributed system LC-DAQ consists of a collection of nodes for data acquisition (DAQ-LC-Node) physically separated and connected by a communications network distributed. Although each node has its hardware components and software, the user sees the whole as a single system and access them remotely and evenly. The user can therefore access via web and configure each of the nodes and / or access to data in real-time reading.
If you want to centralize the configuration of the system and gather information from all nodes in the network, you can add the LC-DAQ-Server, a server node that provides integration with corporate databases SQL type and a monitoring, configuration and parameterisation of different system nodes centralized and automated.