Contrato de Asesoría en la Transferencia de la patente “Procedimiento de control automático integral de invernaderos y dispositivos para su puesta en práctica”

Consultoría e Innovación Tecnológica S.L.

CI2T is a Spanish company that sells SIGINVER, an integrated management system for greenhouses. SIGINVER combines industrial automation technologies with computer systems and climate modelling. The system is flexible, efficient, and above all, easy to understand and operate. The control system is highly integrated and designed for a range of applications in agriculture, horticulture, and similar production facilities. A centralised data network enables a quick and easy implementation and customisation for the individual needs of each user. Its modular nature enables an integrated solution that offers security and reliability for any size of operation.

The CPOH group obtained a Spanish patent for the ‘Integral Automatic Control Method for Greenhouses and Devices for its Implementation’. The method is currently being marketing by CI2T and its developments are included in SIGINVER products.