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Research prototypes

Animatronic Audiovisual Control System (AACS) Audio | Video | Lighting & Motion Control System for Animatronics Shows and Audiovisual Installations. Animatronic Audio-visual Control System (AACS) is a robust, flexible, intuitive and low cost solution for control and automation of lighting,…


Sistema Distribuido para monitorización de procesos no críticos
In any production process or facility are SCADA systems (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) that allow you to monitor and oversee these processes reliably and safely. The robustness of these systems often leads to high costs of purchase and implementation.…


Dispositivo interfaz NMEA 2000 para instrumentación analógica en el sector náutico
NMEA 2000 is a standard for digital communication networks specifically designed for pleasure craft, according to an industry standard and published by the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA).     The purpose of the standard NMEA2000 is to meet the…


Herramienta de Optimización Multiobjetvo Basada en pREferencias
Solving an optimisation problem means finding the value that the variables should take to make the objective function optimal while satisfying a set of constraints. But most real engineering problems require the simultaneous optimisation of multiple criteria, some of which…


Software para el control multivariable y optimización de procesos basado en inteligencia computacional.
OptiControl is software for multivariable control and optimisation based on novel computational intelligence methods. OptiControl calculates the best control actions that minimises the economic cost of process operations in real-time (and any other user-defined goal) while attempting to maintain both…
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