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Matlab/Simulink Model: Cooling Process of a PEMFC-Based μ-CHP System

Model for simulaton implemented in MATLAB/SIMULINK
Here you will find a model of the cooling system of a PEMFC-based micro-CHP system. This model is implemented in Matlab/Simulink, version (R2017b). The model and the tests conducted for its development are described in detail in the following…

nevMOGA Algorithm

A multiobjective genetic algorithm for the localization of optimal and nearly optimal solutions which are potentially useful
The nevMOGA algorithm is aimed at finding not only the optimal solutions but also the nearly optimal solutions nondominated in their neighborhood. Including the nearly optimal solutions in the decision-making scenario increases the number of alternatives available to the designer.…

spMODE-II Algorithm

Multi-objective Differential Evolution Algorithm with Spherical Pruning based on preferences
This code implements a version of the Multi-Objective Differential Evolution algorithm with spherical pruning based on preferences (spMODE-II, second version of the spMODE algorithm) described in: Gilberto Reynoso-Meza. Controller Tuning by Means of Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization: a Holistic Multiobjective Optimization…

Multi-Criteria Decision Making support tool

Multi-Criteria Decision Making support tool
This Excel Macro implements several features and filters to support the multi-criteria decision-making  process. More details can be consulted (in spanish) in:  Pajares , A., Blasco, X., Reynoso-Meza, G., Blasco, X., Herrero, J. M. Desarrollo de una herramienta para el…

DE_TCR Algorithm

Hybrid Differential Evolution Algorithm With Adaptive Crossover Mechanism
These matlab scripts implement a version of the DE_TCR algorithm described in: G. Reynoso; J. Sanchis; X. Blasco; Juan M. Herrero. "Hybrid DE Algorithm With Adaptive Crossover Operator For Solving Real-World Numerical Optimization Problems". In IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation. CEC 2011. (ISBN 978-1-4244-7833-0).…
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