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A Loop Pairing Method for Multivariable Control Systems Under a Multi-Objective Optimization Approach

V. Huilcapi; X. Blasco; J. M. Herrero; G. Reynoso-Meza. IEEE Access. Volume 7. ISSN 2169-3536. 20

A new point of view in multivariable controller tuning under multiobjetive optimization by considering nearly optimal solutions.

Alberto Pajares ; Xavier Blasco ; Juan M. Herrero ; Gilberto Reynoso-Meza. IEEE Access. In Press...

Motion Equations and Attitude Control in the Vertical Flight of a VTOL Bi-Rotor UAV

S. Garcia-Nieto, J. Velasco-Carrau, Federico Paredes-Valles , J. V. Salcedo and R. Simarro. Electronics 2019, 8(2), 208.

Recursive Rewarding Modified Adaptive Cell Decomposition (RR-MACD): A Dynamic Path Planning Algorithm for UAVs

F. Samaniego, J. Sanchis, S. García-Nieto and R. Simarro. Electronics 2019, 8(3), 306.

A Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm for the Localization of Optimal and Nearly Optimal Solutions Which Are Potentially Useful: nevMOGA

A. Pajares,X. Blasco, J. M. Herrero. G. Reynoso-Meza .Complexity Volume 2018, Article ID 1792420
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